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You Cracked your screen?

A cracked screen doesn't need to be a headache

If your mobile phone screen looks like this, then Malton phone repair can make it like new again :)

I think I heard it a million times...

   You had your phone in a protective case all the time and you only took it out to take a picture. Next thing you know your phone landed on a hard surface! I'm sure you know what will be next. Oh no, I have a cracked screen. 

How much does it cost to repair my cracked screen?

Each repair is different. For example to repair a Samsung cracked screen cost a lot more than repairing an iPhone screen. Apple repair starts from as little as £30 screen repair.  On the other hand, Samsung screen repair is nearly £200 for 5 years old model. This is because Samsung using Amoled screens and Apple just LCD screens.  

Will my Touch ID / Face ID work after cracked screen repair?

In most cases, your Touch ID/Face ID will work again. If your screen is badly cracked there is a chance your facial recognition or fingerprint scanner won't work again. We usually discuss this with each customer before we carry on with the repair job. It's our duty to inform you about all possibilities. 

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