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Malton Phone Repair


Malton phone repair

We can repair your cracked screen

Malton phone repair can help you with your broken screen.


Why choose Malton phone repair? Because we are the best :)

Process of Mobile Repair

iPhone screen repair specialist


Why are we the best ?

  • We started repairing mobile phones when Apple first introduced iPhone 4 model back in 2010. 

  • iPhone screen repair wasn't as popular as it is now but we tried to do our best

  • Back then we could only use some cheap quality parts

  • Technology in iPhone screen repair is much more advanced now

  • We can now repair your iPhone screen using a special technique called glass repair, which means we can only replace your broken glass and keep your original LCD

  • This is why Malton Phone Repair is the best for your iPhone screen repair because we don't use cheap screen but glass only repair 

Question 1:

Can you repair my LCD if I have any lines or black spots?


We can only fit a new screen for you but lines or black spots can not be repaired.

Question 2:

I'm I going to lose all my data after my iPhone screen repair?  


No, iPhone screen repair will not lose your data, pictures, or numbers from your phone.